The natural foot balm with a taste of 45 degrees contains high-quality olive pomace from Istrian organic olive groves, a rich source of antioxidants and minerals. Flaxseed oil deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin and the essences of peppermint and nutmeg refresh and relax. Horsetail extract, Kostihoj and rosemary contribute to a feeling of comfort and lightness. The feet are deeply nourished, renewed and refreshed. Apply daily to the clean and dry skin of the feet. Massage the balm with light pressure on the reflex zones in circular movements from the toes to the center of the foot. Continue the massage using circular motions in the heel area, sliding the outside of the ankle, then rotating the ankle in both directions.

Weight 800 g


Completely natural hand treatment.

With premium organic olive pulp and herbal extracts.