Pea extract, UVA / UVB filter, peptide complex, grape oil, vitamin A.

This skincare product, inspired by the secrets of Asian beauty, is a must. This highly effective formula is adapted to all skin tones and offers many benefits.

A light cream with a creamy texture inspired by Asian beauty secrets for women who want the results of immediate beauty. The advantages of this BB cream are diverse: Even skin, imperfections are a thing of the past, revitalized skin, protected face. Its use is comfortable and immediately creates a healthy radiant effect.

Pea Extract: With its corrective properties, it uses the activity of melanin (skin pigment) to balance the skin and restore the original glow. Reduces aging spots for radiant and flawless skin. Peptide complex: the combination of two peptides reduces the symptoms of fatigue and time. UVA and UVB filters (high protection SPF30): Protects against the sun’s rays and prevents premature skin aging. Grape oil: antioxidant and emollient. It protects the skin from aging and nourishes it deep inside. Vitamin A: works against the signs of aging: dehydration, loss of elasticity, thinning of the skin and wrinkles.

• For a radiant result, apply your fingertips to fine dots.

• For more coverage, apply a thicker coat to your face and then spread the product with your fingers or a brush.

• To hide circles and swelling, apply small doses with the cannula from the center of the eye outwards, then wipe them with your fingertips.

Cannula tube: 28 ml

without parabens

Weight 87 g


28 ml

This skincare product, inspired by the secrets of Asian beauty, is a must.


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