The brush  102 / Ultra-liquid foundation  allows you to apply very liquid foundations. Its terry core retains and releases the right amount of material during application. Thanks to its beveled shape, the brush follows the face for a perfect application both on large areas as well as more specific areas such as the eye area, nose or chin.

Application area :  Face

Fibers : Its innovative synthetic fiber of very high quality combines extreme softness with incomparable performance. It does not absorb the material and allows a perfect restitution of the product on the skin for a professional result. adopt ‘has chosen to work only with synthetic hair but of equal quality to the natural hair. In this way, we guarantee a perfect use, without touching our friends the animals! #crueltyfree

How to use  :
1. Pour a few drops of the foundation on the middle part of the brush.
2. Diffuse the material in circular movements from the center of the face outwards.

Weight 30 g

Brush 102 / ultra-liquid foundation

The brush  102 / Ultra-liquid foundation  allows you to apply very liquid foundations.


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