The Christmas rose is a plant that exists especially in winter under cold temperatures and also blooms during this time. It originally comes from cold Siberia. In order to live and exist in such extreme circumstances, this plant needs a corresponding resistance and consequently a strong immune system. That is why the Christmas rose is said to contain substances that can also have a positive effect on the human immune system. A strong immune system is not only extremely important for our body during the cold season. 1A. PURE SUBSTANCES Cistus 200MG Complex with Cistus, vitamin C and zinc is the ideal, natural support for your immune system. These substances are contained in their purest form, of course without additives. The following ingredients become active for you: Vitamin C and zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

1A. REINSTOFFE are handmade in Germany. They offer excellent compatibility with complete transparency. Here you really know what’s in the capsule: top 1A quality with, of course, absolute purity. All of our top-quality pure substances are gluten-free, gelatin-free and lactose-free. We do not put industrial aids and genetically modified substances (GMO) in the capsule! Rather, the focus is on the details, because we guarantee top-quality nutritional supplements that give your body the full power, natural fitness and pure joy of life that it deserves. The contained vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes contribute through the unique 1A process and the resulting absolute purity to a positive and balanced attitude towards life. The high-quality 1A black glass rounds off our products perfectly: no incidence of light, no moisture and no plasticizers.
The purest, of course.


Content per 2 capsules (daily recommendation):
Cistus extract 400 mg, vitamin C 225 mg, zinc 13.2 mg, zinc citrate 41.3 mg

Ingredient list

Cistus extract, vitamin C, hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (capsule shell), filler microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin, zinc citrate

Quality features

lactose free
gluten free
gelatin free
vegetable capsule shell
without genetic technology
no trickle aid

Recommended intake

1 capsule twice a day for supplementary care

Warning notice

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. The food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep away from children! Store in a cool and dry place. Always close tightly after opening and use quickly.

Weight 250 g

50 Kapseln

Cistus 200MG Complex


Cistus 200MG Complex with Cistus, vitamin C and zinc is the ideal, natural support for your immune system.


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