Corundum particle, pearl particle, grapeseed extract

Thanks to the perfect match between these luxurious exfoliating particles, this care product smooths the texture of the skin and revitalises dull complexions while also reactivating the functions of the skin, providing it with radiance, tone and elasticity.

This golden and smooth-textured peel is suitable for all skin types. It gently cleans the face and eliminates dead cells. Thanks to an association of Corindon and cultured pearl particles, this treatment fosters epidermal renewal while illuminating the complexion. It restores the skin’s radiance, tone and elasticity.

Exfoliating Corindon Particles: a precious stone, corindon is the crystalline form of aluminum oxide. Its particles gently eliminate the skin’s dead cells and impurities. Its unique surface allows for an effective and precise microdermabrasion. Exfoliating Cultured Pearl Particles: assure epidermal renewal. The skin regains tone, elasticity and glow. Grape Seed Extract: combines fruit acids (AHA) that foster cell renewal, antioxidizing active polyphenols and numerous oligo-elements.

Apply peel to face and massage with small movements. Rinse face with clean water or with help of a water-soaked sponge. Use 1-2 times per week.

50 ml

Weight 182 g



This care product smooths the texture of the skin and revitalizes dull complexions.


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