An ideal brow line? It’s possible with the ideal brow palette! It is suitable for both beginners and experts. It is composed of two ultra pigmented eyeshadows that allow you to perfectly redraw the eyebrow and a highlighter to magnify the eyes. The palette is available in 2 shades of shades to suit light eyebrows (chestnut, red and blonde hair) as well as dark eyebrows (dark brown or black hair) The two silky and ultra fine powders in coordinated shades can be used alone or combined to perfectly match the color of the eyebrow.

Why to choose this product:
The illuminator that brings the final touch to makeup by accentuating the natural curve of the eyebrows and enlarging the eyes.

Our advice for use
1. Using the bottle brush n ° 10, shape the eyebrows upwards then outwards.
2. Redefine the brow line by gently removing hair with tweezers.
3. Using the angled eyelid brush n ° 4, draw the eyebrows by combining the two powders to create the desired tone. For a natural effect, start from the inside of the eyebrow by making small, rapid and repeated strokes that follow the direction of the hair.
4. Lightly brush the eyebrows for a natural effect with the bottle brush n ° 10.
5. Discipline the eyebrows with the eyebrow fixative pencil for long-lasting hold.
6. Apply a touch of highlighter in the outer corner of the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye to create points of light and enhance the look.

Data sheet:
Made in Italy

Weight 150 g

Ideal brow eyebrow palette

It is suitable for both beginners and experts


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