NEW! Your best-selling Lash Delirious mascara is now available in a waterproof version!

A look becomes indecent, a volume delirious  discover the Lash Delirious mascara   !

It will dare the volume in its most indecent and the most delirious facet thanks to a gelled formula highly concentrated in volumizing agents which fill and define the lashes one by one! Application after application, the bangs thicken, becoming more and more insolent for an ultra provoking look!

The wide brush and the high density of soft bristles generously load the lashes without clumping. No eyelash is spared, even the smallest thanks to the shape of the brush narrowed at its end.

Why to choose this product  :  Also available in a non-waterproof version   !

Directions for use:  Apply Lash Delirious mascara starting at the root of the eyelashes and stretching the material in small zigzag movements to the ends. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary until the desired volume is obtained

Weight 27 g

Lash Delirious waterproof volume mascara

A look becomes indecent, a volume delirious … discover the Lash Delirious mascara   !


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