Lime flower extract, moringa seed extract

Soft and creamy milk for gentle cleansing and cleansing.

Micellar technology allows you to capture dirt and perfectly clean and remove makeup without scrubbing or rinsing. In one step, this water cleanses and removes makeup from the face and eyes, even the most sensitive ones. Effectively eliminates makeup and impurities while respecting the balance of the skin. Revitalized and cleansed, the skin is clean, soft and comfortable.

A cleansing complex that reduces the occurrence of imperfections to cleanse and soothe all skin types, including sensitive and weakened skin. This active substance prevents microorganisms from sticking to the surface of the skin. Rich in rhamnose, the sugar involved in cellular communication is able to modulate the inflammatory response in the event of external stress. A revitalization complex that allows you to optimize water supplies and reduce water loss. The peeling is normalized, the microrelief of the skin is smoothed. Revitalized and restructured skin becomes more resistant to rashes and irritation.

Morning and / or evening. Apply with a cotton pad to the face and eyes. No need to rinse.

Bottle 200ml

Weight 277 g


200 ml

Soft and creamy milk for gentle cleansing and cleansing.


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