Marine complex with red, blue and brown algae,
Plankton, babassu oil extract, grape oil

Provides exceptional comfort for dehydrated and devitalized skin.

This cream helps the skin stimulate its natural defenses during the night, which is the optimal time for cell renewal. From the moment you wake up, your skin is better structured, hydrated *, nourished and relaxed. The first wrinkles are smoothed out, the lines of dehydration are visibly reduced. It is incredibly pleasant, its texture surrounds the face like a “second skin” and constantly releases its active ingredients. Tomorrow morning, her face is pulsated, relaxed and her skin is fresher. For revitalized skin that can handle the challenges of the day.

Renewing marine complex (red, blue and brown algae, plankton): Activates elastin synthesis and stimulates the skin’s natural defenses to protect it from external stress during the day. Regenerating peptide: Strengthens the skin barrier by stimulating collagen synthesis and improving skin density and firmness. Phytosqualane: emollient and moisturizing *, reduces water loss and restores the suppleness and softness of the skin. Multi-active polysaccharide: has immediate and lasting restructuring and moisture properties *, which are associated with remarkable sensory ability. Babassu oil: gentle and emollient. It protects the skin from drying out and relaxes and soothes irritated skin. Raisin oil: Rich in linoleic acid, helps to regenerate and renew the skin.

Apply in the morning to the face and neck after thorough washing.

50 ml

* Moisturizing the upper layers of the epidermis.

Weight 182 g


50 ml

Provides exceptional comfort for dehydrated and devitalized skin.



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