The SMOKEY VIBES ONLY palette is the partner of all party-lovers!

Opt for an INTENSE and smoky look until the end of the NIGHT. With its brown tones, its intense black and its silver and gold tips of light, play with your dark side!

A day and night look tutorial is offered to guide you in the choice of colors and harmonies according to your desires. This palette is a must for your frenzied evenings to vibrate to the rhythm of the music.

The plus: 
Smokey vibes only shades are ideal for blue and dark eyes !

Application tips:
Here is our selection of essential eye brushes to degrade the shades between them and obtain a perfect result within everyone’s reach!

Brush 202 / Eyelid Applicator
Lets you apply eye shadows with precision. Its thin head helps to intensify or fade dark eye shadows in specific areas.

206 / Hollow Eyelid Brush
Lets you apply and blend eye shadow with precision eye shadow in the crease of the eye. Its fine, oval shape allows for easy working with eye shadow to bring more definition and intensity to the eyes.

Brush 208 / Angled
eyeliner Used to apply eyeliner. Its bevelled shape is ideal for creating perfect lines with ease.

Data sheet:
6 shades
Made in Italy

Weight 102 g

Smokey vibes only eye palette

The SMOKEY VIBES ONLY palette is the partner of all party-lovers!


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