Active substance. It stimulates collagen synthesis. Increases collagen production, including type I and III collagen. It is responsible for the smoothness of the skin, its amount decreases drastically with age. Triple peptides affect the regeneration of damage to both the epidermis and the dermis, where the production of proteins and other elements of the intercellular matrix of the skin takes place. They have an intense anti-wrinkle effect. Peptides are active ingredients that do not irritate or peel the skin.
Clinical studies have confirmed that the ingredient works very effectively and is completely safe.
Studies on the effectiveness of the tripeptide in human fibroblasts have shown that it perfectly stimulates the process of collagen production, activated the growth factors present in the skin and improved its production by 119% over the period studied.

Weight 50 g


Botox like effect

The latest generation of natural anti-wrinkle cosmetics.


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